What would you do if you had 24 hours to live?

“From the time a person is born, they begin to die”. I know most of you are shocked by this opening statement, I see some of you are fidgeting uncomfortably and a few of you are rolling their eyes. All of you expect me to write something off-the-wall and you probably ask, Don’t I think its negative to say from birth we begin to die? Well I think it is negative but also true. From the day we are born we are simply making the most of our time as we await death. Either we make the most or we waste the time we have between birth and death.

Life is no ordinary stroll in the park, which is why i narrowed my topic question to twenty four hours which could be your last day by the way, so key point its important to live each day like its the last twenty four hours you have. So here we go…

” If I had twenty four hours to live, I would want to spend it on a roadtrip to Binga or running on a beach in Zanzibar, but most of all, I’d want to see people smile and make a difference in the life of a suffering human. That’s not the point though, the point is I am not dying in the next twenty four hours and I dont think I am dying soon just like you (hopefully 😊). Even if it were true we would not know when death would come and how. I wouldn’t have twenty four hours to go on a roadtrip to Binga and back in time for some D day or be able to fly to Zanzibar to run on a beach or make random people smile. I am sure now you are confused as to where I am driving at with this post.(I would be too if i where you😁). The point is you only live once, you only die once and normally there is no warning on when you will expire.

One paradox of life is that the more something scares you the more you should probably do it,things that make you scared make you scared because they are the things to be done. That’s why you are scared of making a difference and leaving a mark. When i was significantly younger I was scared of people, i could die at the thought of standing in front of a lot of people, let alone speaking. I promised myself I would never do it in my life because it was scary, fast-foward I got older I became the best speaker in high school and even got to be Deputy something, I went on to become a passionate and sometimes emmotional debator in college and best part i even became a national youth leader. Its funny the thing that i was sooo afraid of opened these and many other doors. So what? Unless its life threatening the more something scares you the more you should do it. (I don’t want people jumping cliffs and dying because they took me literally lol)

Humans, me included are afraid of a lot of things especially death because we feel guilty somehow that we haven’t done enough. We haven’t stood for our beliefs, we haven’t tried enough, cared and loved enough. We want to conform and fit in we are afraid of being labelled as the guy who failed or the try hard or wannabee or whatever they call people who live to the fullest these days. I do not know what is keeping you down but all I know is it doesn’t matter what the world thinks as long as you are doing what makes you 💯 happy and what you believe in nothing else matters. Ultimately, your twenty four hours starts everyday you wake up and you never know it could be the last chance you have.

Finally friends, my name is Simbarashe Hunzvi and I believe in all forms of justice and human dignity. I want to smile and I want everyone I meet to smile. I want Zim to be a better place and I want kids to be allowed to dream. I want to go to Binga and I want to walk on the shoes of the Indian ocean. I choose to pick my struggles and slay all the demons in my way lol. Just like you I dont know how much time I have but every twenty four hours I have is a step towards achieving all that. I am not leaving anything for tomorrow because, what if tomorrow never comes. This is the beginning of something special between us so lets make this worthwhile

So I will end the way i started, “From the time a person is born, they begin to die.” We are in the process of dying 😂 lets make life worthwhile and make a significant difference everyday we live.

Local Boy